The previous operators of this website were found to be selling replica goods in violation of Federal laws. A Court ordered this domain name transferred to Chanel and Louis Vuitton and awarded damages of more than $1,000,000.00 against the website operators.

When people buy replica handbags their expectation is that it is truly a replica of the genuine article and that they are getting the same thing just for less. This is the myth that sites selling replica goods promote they say their products are “mirror images” of the originals or “AAA quality.” The truth though is that there are no shortcuts to perfection, that handbags made as cheaply as possible can in no way be compared as the equal to truly crafted handbags lavishly made with the highest quality materials and highest commitment to detailed construction. If people really understood that the bag they were ordering was made with the lowest grade leather or plastic then no one would ever buy them.

Replica handbags would also never be sold if people really thought about who they were dealing with to buy them. He operators of stores like the one that used to appear on this domain are criminals illegally selling cheap copies of work made by others. In what other circumstances would you willingly hand over your credit card information and your home address to people you know to be criminals? One only has to search on the Internet to find the common story of orders that were charged for but never delivered or of buyers who were unsatisfied with the quality of what they received but could not get a response when they wanted to return their purchase.

When you’re dealing with people whose only concern is to produce handbags as cheaply as possible is tragically unsurprising have a misuse people, even children, and the production of those bags. When you buy from Chanel or Louis Vuitton you’re buying from people whose reputations you know and who you know will stand by the work that they produce in the methods by which they produce it then no one will be standing behind a replica handbag.